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How to Make Your Simple Items Super Cute

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

There is a fine line between super cute and super busy. My rule of distinction is always one or two additions is super cute but the question may be, "What are those additions?"

Rigid Bow

Quick video on how to add a rigid bow

Here's a #sewingvideo #tutorial on how I make this rigid bow that I put on my #bags, #skirts, etc.

I wanted to add this bow feature one one of my denim handbags so I started pulling back my denim strip about an inch apart and placing it repeatedly, lifting my pressure foot and securing it by giving it a few stitches. You can also glue this rigid bow using the same process, it will take a little longer, but you have to be patient through the process. I realized I had this nice looking added design that I can use wherever I wanted to jazz up my #denim. Then to add to it, I placed a few of my pre-cut petals of different sizes into the same process of pulling up the denim each inch and folding it over and it really added some texture and dimension. Be sure when you are creating this rigid bow feature to place your stitch in the middle of the fabric to give it a clean look.


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