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Womens Necklaces

  Different and Unique Womens Necklaces

For many women, the necklace is a piece of jewelry that really helps to bring an outfit together. A necklace can be long or short, and can help to frame the face and neckline. Necklaces can work together with any outfit or neckline, helping to pair the two together to create a wonderfully unique look. The truth is, womens necklaces come in many shapes and forms, so finding just the right piece of jewelry for an outfit can be a challenge. The team at Unique Loopty Loop Handmade Jewelry & Designs offers several different options for womens necklaces that include a variety of lengths, colors, and materials.

One of our most popular options is our leather necklace. These necklaces combine pieces of leather or suede together to create a truly unique look. The leather necklace can be left as the natural leather color, or painted and decorated to really bring some life and movement to the piece of jewelry. Plus, our leather necklace options are durable. Leather is an incredibly strong and tough material, making it a wonderful choice for necklaces that are worn every day. Many of our leather necklaces have several pieces of leather cut into intricate shapes and expertly sewn together to create a one of a kind, unique look. Make a bold statement with your leather necklace and really bring the attention to the star of any outfit.

To compliment your leather necklace, the team at Unique Loopty Loop Handmade Jewelry & Design also offers complimentary leather earrings, designed to match. Many of our earrings are designed to pair expertly with our leather necklaces. Choose to create an entire look with our multiple piece jewelry sets, inclusive of leather earrings and a coordinating necklace. Our leather earrings are usually longer in style, allowing the intricately designed leather to hang around the face, creating the perfect frame. Many of our leather earrings are designed with painted leather, cut and sewn leather, or natural leather giving you plenty of opportunities to find just the right jewelry choice for your next outfit. Plus, leather is a durable and long lasting material. By choosing leather earrings you can rest easy knowing your earrings will be tough and durable, not prone to breaking like some delicate metal earring options. Trust the team at Unique Loopty Loop Handmade jewelry & Designs for their long lasting, durable, and intricate jewelry designs.

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